Melbourne Design Team

We're a multi skilled, multi talented team

Our Melbourne design team, located in leafy Eltham, are a highly qualified and talented bunch. It’s quality design and development which we want you to experience from us, and we will continue to use awesome staff even when they move away from Melbourne. It’s not just our Eltham office where you’ll find us, as we have contractors in Germany and Canada as part of our team

Gregor Sandie

Brand Director

Brand Manager, Creative Director,  Lead UX Designer and SEO Master are just a few of the roles that Gregor fulfils.

Gregor is one of the few creatives who have been able to walk the tightrope between advertising and graphic design. After starting his career in the middle of a recession when the industry was doing more firing than hiring, Gregor fought his way up the hard way.

Starting on small press ads with even smaller budgets with short time-lines he honed his efficiency and ability to create a concept from nothing. Within three years he had found himself working with multimillion-dollar budgets art directing and copywriting television commercials for some of the worlds biggest brands.

With a vehement passion for symbology, semantics and semiotics, he seeks to apply meaning to the work he creates, that lies beyond the surface visual.

Matt Gibson

Master coder

Matt is a code whiz. As site requirements become more demanding, Matt is our man who manages to turn the dream into a reality.


Anna Kelman


Anna is a self-described ‘word nerd’ and reads books on the English language’s history and development for fun.

Anna has come to Juggler Design after a career in corporate learning & development, process development and technical writing, and was a high school chemistry teacher in a former life! The move to working in the creative space has been a long time coming, and she is relishing working with such a refreshing range of people and clients.

When writing, Anna wants to make sure the reader is drawn to the content with an engaging, quirky tone, while communicating the message accurately and with meaning.

Gabi Versace

Junior Designer

Gabi’s a superstar in the making, having attained a scholarship to study Communication Design (Honours) at Swinburne University of Technology. More than halfway through her degree, she is interested in developing small businesses, so working at Juggler Design provides her with terrific experience in this space.

Gabi has special interests in packaging, branding, illustration and social media marketing. Combining these with her organisation and colour-coding skills, her work at Juggler Design is distinctive and memorable.

Rita Reuter

Senior Design Consultant

Rita has been working as a contractor with us for many years. With a natural inquiring mind into the psychology of human behaviour and culture, it’s no surprise she pursued her Masters of Anthropology.

Alex Wild

Full Stack Web Developer

Nothing can defeat the coding abilities of  Alex.

Wild by name and wild by nature, Alex is a globe trotter who freelances with us when the going gets tough. There’s not been a web development task yet that he can’t solve.

Fortunately, when Alex toured Australia he was based in our Melbourne office for 6 months before setting his sights abroad.

Angela Gretton

Office Administrator

Angela helps us to keep balanced.

She is indeed a superhero when it comes to cheeriness and all round book balancing.


Chief of Distraction

Our trusty companion in the office and go to when we need to take a break from the screen,

He has expertise in fly catching (or as he refers to them, Sky Raisins), ball chasing and general lounging,