Kind words for a job well done


Juggler Design has exceeded our expectations, they have also restored our faith that website builds can be enjoyable!!
The team at juggler hold an eye for detail in both the visual presentation and usability as well as the back end functionality. The team at Juggler also brought a new experience which was having face to face time with them in both meetings as well as onsite discussions, this level of commitment to the customer illustrates their authentic passion for what they do and best of all every aspect of the website is created-built-assembled in house. You not only end up with a custom built website that truly reflects your business but you get a website that is also managed which means it will always be up to date with relevant changes.
Beyond all the technical brilliance that Juggler Design offer, at the end of the day it is so refreshing to pick up the phone and speak with a team member that remembers your name and your company…I value this.

With great appreciation and ongoing support,
Megan Webster