We're a multi skilled, multi talented team.


Gregor Sandie

Brand Director

Brand Manager, Creative Director,  Lead UX Designer and SEO Master are just a few of the roles that Gregor fulfils.

Gregor is one of the few creatives who have been able to walk the tightrope between advertising and graphic design. After starting his career in the middle of a recession when the industry was doing more firing than hiring, Gregor fought his way up the hard way.

Starting on small press ads with even smaller budgets with short time-lines he honed his efficiency and ability to create a concept from nothing. Within three years he had found himself working with multimillion-dollar budgets art directing and copywriting television commercials for some of the worlds biggest brands.

With a vehement passion for symbology, semantics and semiotics, he seeks to apply meaning to the work he creates, that lies beyond the surface visual.

Kristina Sandie

Business Director

With a hands on approach to every job which enters our doors, Kristina enjoys the design and development process just as much as the clients, and the fact that at the start of the process no-one knows what will eventuate at the other end. It’s a constant process of discovery and learning for everyone involved.

Her work interests lie in developing rewarding relationships with clients, and continuing to understand human behaviour through the science of advertising and design.

Prior to entering the creative services arena, Kristina was a corporate account executive for a multi-national telecommunications provider, servicing some of the largest accounts in the country. Her previous experience also includes business consulting, call centre statistical analysis, in-house web design training and many years of retail experience to assist her through university.

She is also an SEO and SEM consultant, using these combined skills to help clients achieve their online goals.

Dave Watt

Master coder

Dave is a code wiz. As site requirements become more demanding, Dave is our man who manages to turn the dream into a reality.


Natasha Harris

Writer & Editor

With a history in academia and editing journals, Natasha knows exactly where the apostrophe should be and how to use it.


Rita Reuter

Senior Design Consultant

Rita has been working as a contractor with us for many years. With a natural inquiring mind into the psychology of human behaviour and culture, it’s no surprise she pursued her Masters of Anthropology.

Angela Gretton


Angela helps us to keep balanced.