Graphic Design

You have moments to make an impression

Great design is not an accident or good luck. It’s a psychology and an art. We are foremost a graphic design firm. Everything we produce comes from an understanding of design and human behaviour.

Your visual communications should be more than just something that looks good. It has a message to communicate that is much greater than the words alone.

We pride ourselves on producing design solutions that are as individual as our clients. We don’t do “house style” kind of work. Our design is the culmination of a process of getting to know the business, the product, the service, the market and the intended audience. We learn as we go. And with better understanding, we achieve more effective communication results.

Our Graphic Design services include:

  • Logos and Corporate Identities
  • Business Cards and Stationery
  • Direct Mail Communications
  • Promotional Materials such as bags, pens, stickers, mugs etc
  • Brochures – from small 6 page DL to large coporate
  • Annual Reports
  • Poster Work
  • Exhibition and Event Stand Displays
  • Signage – Interior and Exterior
  • Point of Sale Material
  • Magazine Layout

Is your logo as unique as you?

Are you standing out from the crowd or blending in?

For the major corporations across the globe, their logo/identity is one of the most valued possessions they own. Try imitate Nike, Apple, Chanel, McDonalds or Adidas and you’ll have a lawsuit on your hands in no time. Why?

For these organisations, their logo is what adds the value to their product/service. It is their currency. Remove the swoosh, the three stripes, the interlocked C’s and all you have left is the product without the perception of value.

Our logo process unlocks the underlying values and purpose which defines you and then seeks to create a meaningful visual which connects with your audience.

We’re pleased to have had our logo work recognised in design award books internationally.

See some of our logo and branding work.

Signs in all shapes and sizes

We help our clients be seen and get found.

Creative, intelligent signage makes a statement about your business. We design a unique signage solution and then manage the supply and installation process using only suppliers who meet our quality expectations.

If you want your signage to be unique, then contact us and let us manage the process for you. We will make sure that the install meets our quality expectations without compromise.