Google proves without a doubt Donald Trump is an idiot

Google’s machine learning algorithm has finally proved what the rest of the world already felt they knew.

Donald Trump is an idiot!

Type the word idiot into Google’s image search and the majority of the images are of Donald Trump. Given that the Googlebot crawls almost the entire web and definitely every major website in the Western world, we can guarantee that the advanced machine learning that it uses has given us the correct answer.

The only last thing for us to do is update the dictionary, so that when you look up ‘idiot’ in the dictionary you see a picture of Donald Trump.

What is the real reason Google shows pictures of Donald Trump when you do an image search for ‘idiot’?

Undoubtedly it would have begun with a few articles that had named Trump as an idiot. As people saw the trend they have taken the opportunity to begin a process referred to as Google Bombing.

Google bombing is where an attempt is made to make a search term come back with an unexpected result. In the past people have been able to write programs to cause this, but the Google Algorithms have become so intelligent they have largely put a stop to this. But they can’t stop the masses.

If enough people say an orange is an apple then that is how Google will see it, but undoubtedly Google would change their algorithm because we know this is not true.

However, Donald Tump is an idiot and we know that to be true.

Donal Trump is dumb too

He also figures quite highly for ‘dumb’ as well, but strangely is not dominating ‘dumb idiot’ or ‘stupid’.