How much does a new website cost in Melbourne?

I’ve seen new websites in Melbourne costing as little as $300 and as much as a luxury car.

Your website should be a must on every business plan.¬† And when we say must, we mean it’s not just a once off event, but something which should be updated regularly and reviewed annually.

You’ve seen lots of great websites and you want your website to look just as good as those, but have you thought about a few really important¬† other things such as:

  1. How do you want your website to function?
  2. What are the priorities for visitors to your site?
  3. Will you be found in Google search results?
  4. Does your website work just as well on desktop as it does on smart phone?
  5. Is the website a reflection of your business brand?
  6. Can it be easily updated by you or your staff?
  7. Will the design still look relevant in 2 years time?
  8. Will your site convert a user into a customer?

Your website is more than an extension of your business offering. It’s the window through which most of your customers will find you. Even bricks and mortar shops still need a relevant online presence to encourage local searchers into their shop.

Your website replaces traditional Yellow Page ads, Local Community Newspaper ads, Daily papers, Magazines and is the backup to your potential referrals. Imagine how much it would cost you to be well positioned in those traditional advertising mediums all the time.

So, when you are weighing up how much does a new website cost, first ask the question “How much is a new website worth?”

I often tell customers that well built websites are costed similar to the rent you might pay for a shop. If you want to be where most of the foot traffic is, then the value of a shop space increases as the foot traffic goes up. You can’t expect to be on the high street, or in the best location in a shopping centre if you’re only prepared to pay a lower value rent.

In most cases, a new website won’t cost you $50 000. But on the other hand, you won’t get a high performing site for under $10 000. There are too many variables involved to deliver a quality product for less than that.

Hopefully that will you give you an answer to how much it will cost.

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