Google SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation refers to ORGANIC results that appear in Google. (We say Google as it dominates the search queries in Australia, but SEO also relates to Bing and other smaller search engines)

They appear beneath the paid results in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

You can only achieve a SERP 1 listing by going to significant optimisation effort on your website. The competition is fierce and growing more fierce each day.

Google regularly changes the rules it applies to SERP listings results, and unless you are a webmaster or a web developer, a copywriter for the web and a content manager you will have little to no chance of scoring a prized top position.

We will help you achieve a top position, but it doesn’t happen quickly and there are no shortcuts. There are lots of factors that work together to make your website appear at the top of the results page. If we are building a new website for you, we start with SEO in mind. Keyword identification comes before any site or content planning process. If we are optimising an existing site, then we will recommend changing your site structure, editing your content and putting a social media strategy in place to help you boost your performance. SEO is not as simple as saturating your site with keywords.

Each strategy will depend on your market and also how competitive your market is.

To compliment your Search Engine Optimisation we may also recommend a Search Engine Marketing campaign and a Social Media Strategy.