Josephine Di Felice Law Website Design & Development

Website Design / Web Development / Digital Strategy / Local SEO

Project Overview

This is the first website Josephine has created for her own practice. Uncertain of what she needed or how to communicate that she is a qualified lawyer and not just a conveyancer, she approached us to help her navigate the path to establishing a digital presence.

The Solution

JDF Law is passionate about the knowledge and experience she offers clients, and how this gives them a sense of security when they are purchasing property. She doesn’t see herself as being represented by all the traditional graphics associated with the law  (think gavel, statue of Justitia, scales) and we decided against any traditional association to her profession.

The imagery chosen is distinctly Melbourne and focuses on the homes where clients are met to share a conversation and a coffee while they discuss their needs. The site needed to reflect her unique approach where she shares in the journey.

The Results

A beautifully simple site design which reflected the JDF Law philosophy that she builds relationships with her clients, and gives value to the process of buying or selling property.